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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hidden Treasures

What's it Wednesday #182

*My sincerest apologies for being late this week. Back to school has me back to crazy :-)

Can you find the "hidden treasures" in the picture?

Here let me help you! A few years ago my Mom gave me a pouch full and told me to keep it safe. So I did. 

Upon a recent visit from her, I decided to take out the pouch and we went through it together. Some of the items I had seen since I was a child like this World War II plane. My grandmother made it when she worked on airplanes for the Naval Air Station during the war effort. She carved NAS on one wing and 1944 on the other. She gave it to my Uncle when he was a kid. Later it sat in her shadowbox for years. 

This Bulova watch belonged to my grandmother. I remember that it was slightly too big on her and as she baked cakes it would spin around her wrist.

This Gruen watch belonged to my dear great-grandmother Helen. The Gruen watch company opened it's doors in 1847 and was known for it's beautiful watches. This watch was one of my favorites and was the first "rose gold" item I had ever seen.

This was the first cross I had ever received. 

It was a second grade gift and only about an inch in diameter.

This cross belonged to my grandmother. 

This medical Rx lapel pen belonged to my dad and he received it after graduating from college in the 1960s. I know he doesn't know I have it, in fact he probably has no idea where it is. Shhhhhhh!

I had completely forgotten about this watch. I got this watch when I was in high school in 19blah blah blah! There's Grand Cayman (I use to live on the East End of the island), Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. I loved this watch!

My apologies for the blurriness. 

This is my grandmother's university school key pendant. On the back, in the middle of the blurriness are her initials (JPL) and B.S. for Bachelors of Science '48 for the year she graduated.

This key pendant is from the City of Jacksonville. It was either given to my grandmother or grandfather. They were always involved in the community. 

My mother remembers her 1960 school Glee Club pendant fondly. 

She wore it proudly when she studied with Fred Waring at the Delaware Water Gap.

Do you have any hidden treasures?


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