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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Giving Thanks

What's It Wednesday #143

This time of year can bring joy as well as sadness. Currently I am in constant prayer for a beloved friend of mine who is fighting for her life. In the middle of her struggle I received  a call saying my step-mom was also gravely ill and needed to be placed in Hospice. Unfortunately, this amazing woman passed away just a few short days later.

As thanksgiving approaches I have been reflecting on the good folks that are in my life. This prompts a perfect opportunity to celebrate for celebration sake. 

Calling a dear friend or family member over for a holiday dessert can brighten anyone's day. Grabbing a cake from the local bakery would make any one feel special.

This Cajun Lemonade has just enough rum and hot sauce to get the party started.

 I will try to reflect on this moment throughout the year every year and make every effort to celebrate the people in my life. Everyone needs to know how much we mean to each other. This holiday season, I am going to start by giving thanks for having each and everyone of you in my life here in Blogland. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

How will you be giving thanks this holiday season?


Thanks to all of you who partied with us last week. Please link-up and join us again. Remember, it's not a party without you!

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