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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Law School

What's It Wednesday # 118

This antique lawyer's desk was love at first sight. My first intentions were to place it in one of the children's bedrooms. Then I could not decide whose room to put it in... My son's  or my daughter's? Then the dilemma got worse. They both have work spaces in their rooms what?

It found a home of it's own serendipitously. Since I still did not know where to put it when we moved into the new house, the movers placed the desk in the niche in the upstairs balcony in order to give me time to figure out where to place it. I placed some items on top and it has been there ever since. 

Everything must have a function. No one gets to sit idle in my house. As handsome as he is, he can't just sit there collecting dust. This mahogany gentleman is in great shape and comes with a myriad of drawers and compartments. That's what I fell in love with. So he is now the designated keeper of all of the children's school supplies. The top is the perfect place for pencils and pens.

I told the antique dealer that I wanted to use it for one or both of the children and she gave me a discount, thank goodness, because she adores the kids. The small drawers are the perfect place for sticky notes, stickers, glue sticks, rubber bands, thumb tacks, and erasers. I am always looking for storage and organization solutions, so this was the perfect fit. 

There are four drawers on each side of the desk which are the perfect sizes for coloring and work books, extra paper, journals, markers, crayon boxes, folders, notebooks, etc. On the top I placed my uncle's radio from the 60's that he use to listen to in his pharmacy before he passed away. In the middle is a Victorian inkwell that I plan on burning small incense.  The antique looking camera on the right is actually a pencil sharpening I ordered on line about a month ago. 

With all these school supplies, perhaps one of my little one's will make it into Law School some day.

Do you have a favorite piece that you found a new function for?


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Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

Oh I love that little desk Paula! It is really perfect for storing school items with all of those drawers. Thank you so much for hosting and wishing you a wonderful week!
XO Barbara

Curtains in My Tree said...

Love the desk also, I could use that also with all those little special drawers in it.
I haven't seen a desk ever like that when I use to beat the bushes for antique furniture
I'm sure both your sweet children will make moma proud when they grow up, weather law school or antique dealers LOL
Both my girls went to law school and are lawyers

Tarnished Royalty said...

That's a great desk, Paula. I can see why you fell in love! Thank you for the party!

My brand new link up is live, it's a swap party! I would love to have you come join in! ~Ann

Tarnished Royalty

Linda said...

Great desk! And the pencil sharpener fooled me. Thanks for hosting. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Danice G said...

Oh Paula, the lawyer's desk and items are so nice. What wonderful finds. I also have never run across anything like this in an antique store. The wood is so beautiful. It is simply gorgeous!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Paula, I love your piece - petite pieces always attract me - so convenient to move around.

Thank you for hosting and letting us all share. I have 10 yrs worth of landscape lessons I'm sharing. :)
Rita C at Panoply

The Vintage Chateau said...

What a charming little desk, and you've put it to good use!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

What a great find. It's such a pretty and unique desk for the children. xoxo

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Great to have a place of the school/art supplies that kids love and always need to 'find'. Love your Lawyers Desk. Thanks for hosting.

Susie said...

The desk is so very unusual , that makes it more special. I love it. Glad you put it where many can admire it. xoxo,Susie

White Lace and Promises said...

What a great desk! I've never seen one like this in all my pickins'. Great! Love it. I probably would have painted it white, just because. My friends call me crazy!

The French Hutch said...

Love the sweet little desk, funny sometimes how furniture finds its place in our homes. Lovely features as always. Thanks for hosting.......


Lynda Brandly said...

Thanks so much for hosting, Paula!
love and blessings~
Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

Bharati said...

Thanks for hosting and featuring my stenciled Inlay Cornice.

Mary said...

I love your lawyers desk, it's gorgeous! thank you for featuring my coastal Easter eggs, what a nice surprise :) Have a blessed week, Mary

DD's Cottage said...

What a great desk! Thanks for hosting and for featuring my finds of the week.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Who wouldn't love to sit and "work" at that precious desk !

The Charm of Home said...

Beautiful desk! Thanks for hosting!

Shannon said...

What an awesome desk. You always find the neatest thing. Thanks for hosting.

Shannon ~

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Love the lawyer's desk. It's perfect for your children.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Great features! I love that your kids will be lawyers all because the movers sat a little desk in just the right spot lol! It is gorgeous, what a great find



That Little desk is gorgeous and it has great personality, it certainly makes a statement! I love all the vintage things on it too and the rest of the treasures!
Thank you so much for hosting Paula.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

What a beautiful piece.

Jill Harrison said...

what a gorgeous desk! and a wonderful find. I love all those little drawers. I am looking forward to the day when I bring home my mother's old treddle sewing machine. I have the perfect place waiting for it.
Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for the invite to link up.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I love the desk! I like its cute size. The drawers are perfect for organizing. Everyone can enjoy it….I think it should stay where it is!

I think everyone should have a desk like this one because it would make paying bills a little less painful!


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a beautiful piece!! Thanks so much for hosting!!


Audrey said...

Oh WOW ... that desk is a treasure.
Enjoying your Party. Thanks for hosting.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

JP said...

Lucky you, Patti, thank is one beautiful desk!

xinex said...

What a lovely piece! I love the drawers, so functional...Christine


Lovely features too. Thank you for having me again!

Unknown said...

I love that little lawyer's desk Paula and I'm so glad you found a spot for it. Thanks to you and Patti for hosting your wonderful party again this week.

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

I love the desk!! Thank you so much for hosting!

Crafts a la Mode said...

Thanks, Paula, for the party. The desk is darling!! What a find. Linda

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Leading to law school or not, that piece is gorgeous!

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

Such a charming desk! Thank you so much for hosting!


Kahli said...

That desk is great. I would have been in love with it too. Thanks for the party. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Deanies Stash said...

Thank you for hosting. I think that desk is wonderful and how great you found a good place for it. Have a great week. xx Dianne

karen@somewhatquirky said...

That desk is gorgeous! I love the idea of it in a little nook. Maybe we should let our movers arrange all of our furniture! Thanks for the party.

Scribbler said...

Here's hoping for two future lawyers! Great little desk, and so practical, too. It's good to be organized.

Thanks for the party!

Unknown said...

I can understand why it was love at first sight, a great piece, thanks for hosting:)

Red Rose Alley said...

This antique lawyer's desk is so unique. I've never seen one before. I love the fact that you kept the original wood on it. I think that's what makes furniture so beautiful. This would be such a cute desk for writing letters and such. What a great find.

Have a good week.


Parsimonious Décor Darling said...

Gorgeous secretary! Thank you so much for your wonderful party!


Just a nice find, and who knows ? Influence can make great things in a life !
Thank you for hosting !
xoxo from PARIS


Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

What a nifty little desk -- lots of storage in such a small space! I guess those old-time lawyers were pretty smart fellows! It looks like it's in a space made just for it and I love that you're storing school supplies in it -- very fitting. And the camera/pencil sharpener... how cool is that! Just found your linky; I'll definitely be back!

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

Thanks so much for hosting!

Alessandra said...

What a great find! This little desk is so lovely and a precious gift for your sweet children

Shabby Marilyn said...

What a great desk, yes, I do and have several pieces that I held onto until just the right spot was found. Thanks for hosting, take care girls!

Createology said...

Paula your little desk of drawers is a dream. What a wonderful spot too in this stairway niche. I do love drawers and cubbies...the more the merrier. Creative Bliss...

Lori Lehman said...

Love that adorable desk! I bet the kids love it! Thank you for hosting the party! Have a wonderful day!

Burlap Luxe said...

Lové the desk Paula, such an amazing conversation piece.
It's always so intriguing over here with the treasures you share.
See you soon :)
A beautiful weekend to you.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Patti and Paula,
the lawyer's desk is really a treasure. I think, I would have bought it, too. Thank you for sharing this and the wonderful features and for hosting the party.
Best greetings, Johanna

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Patti and Paula,
the lawyer's desk is really a treasure. I think, I would have bought it, too. Thank you for sharing this and the wonderful features and for hosting the party.
Best greetings, Johanna

Tea Cottage Pretties said...

beautiful desk. Just stopping by to say a big HELLO. Been to busy to visit my blog friends lately. Hugs

RachelD said...

What absolutely charming places to visit and sights to see! You are a most gracious hostess, and I so enjoy dropping in to see all your adventures and your beautiful things.


Jolene said...

Oh what a beautiful find! Simply gorgeous, you have such beautiful items.

Muscetta said...

The desk is beautiful. Thanks for hosting. Have a great week. Tina

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

The desk is stunning. You have such good luck in finding your treasures.
Thanks so much for hosting.
Have a wonderful Easter.


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