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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Launch

Summer DIY Projects

Oh how we love a good party. We are partying with Kara over at Elements Interiors with a little re-mix from our very first post. Take a look at these amazing vintage bottles and see how Patti was able to turn them into beautifully upcycled pieces of art. 

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Welcome to our blog and our very first post!

We begin with a problem that affects most bloggers, ..... keeping things "all bottled up".
Have you ever held something inside until the pressure becomes so great that you just have to pop your cork?

 Just like a champagne bottle!

Today we POP our cork and launch our blog with, (drum roll, please).....


Yep, the thing we try to put a cork in is our creative voice, but sometimes it just becomes so strong that you can no longer fight it. After spending a year or so traveling from blog to blog, in awe of the creative genius that we found, we decided to get our feet wet and share our lives, passions and creative endeavors with you. The first of which is, bottles.

These bottles are crafted with bits and baubles that I collect. 

This first bottle called to me after I finished some very relaxing bath salts. Then, being the pack rat that I am, I just could not throw it away. The cork stopper was long gone so the hunt was on for an appropriate topper. Hey, did you know that you can "BUY" stoppers at the craft store?!?! Well, good thing I didn't because I found this beautiful old glass door knob that fits just perfectly. The lace I tea stained myself to get that perfect old faded color, and the cameos, (don't you just love cameostrès romantique!) are from my collection of vintage jewelry. I was then on a mission for the perfect ribbon. It had to be wire because, being a lefty, my bows all look upside down!

Yet I digress, .......                                TA DA!!!!!!!!!

Many others were to follow, but it always has to be just the right bottle matched with just the right jewels.

Right now I have an idea for something with black velvet and pearls. So-o-o ........

           What do you think? Now release your creative spirit and show us what has you .....

Next post: "To shine, or not to shine?"  That is the question.

Thank you for joining us at this wonderful summer bash. We hope you enjoyed your visit. Please show some love and leave a comment.

Thank you Kara for hosting this wonderful party, we really had a great time!

Also be sure to check us out at
 Passionately Artistic!

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