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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's It Wednesday Linky Party Launch

We are so excited to introduce to you our What's It Wednesday linky party. When we launched our blog, back on Memorial Day, we knew we were going to meet some of the best bloggers in blogland. These were the people that inspired us to create Ivy & Elephants. 

So get ready to be captivated by the most creative, beautiful, and inspiring blogs on planet Earth. Get to know these amazing people behind the blog as we feature our pick of the week. We want you to be as revved up about this party as we are. 

So who are these fabulous people we are going on and on about...well it's Y-O-U. It's time to give back to you what you have given to us. So please allow us to support you in your endeavor to continue to inspire others as you have inspired us. 

So Let's Get This Party Started
Come show off your whatchamacallits, what is its, what it once was, and "hey, look what I just did" posts. In other words, what you created, organized, designed or re-designed, found, purchased, transformed, inherited, repurposed, renovated, are selling, or giving-away. 

Please be sure to do the following for us:
  1. Provide a link back to your post (not your main blog url).
  2. Feel free to copy and paste our party button on your sidebar. This way other fabulous folks can join in the fun as well.
  3. Mix and mingle by visiting the other party people and show them some love (leave a sweet comment).
  4. Don't forget to leave us a comment as well. We love hearing from the wonderful people who inspire us.

So what are you waiting for? up

Thanks for joining in the fun!
Patti and Paula

See you next wednesday at the 
What's It Wednesday
Blog Linky Party

Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving finds us with plenty of reasons to give thanks. This week we are taking time to reflect and show our gratitude to all the wonderful people who have come by to pay us a visit and the fabulous folks that leave us such warm and supportive comments. A special thanks goes out to the 300 plus followers. We are especially thankful for all the new friends this blog has brought us. Our Thanksgiving wish is for everyone to have a safe and memorable holiday with a harvest of blessings.

November 31st will be the six month anniversary of Ivy & Elephants. Next week we will be launching the What's It Wednesday blog linky party. We cordially invite you to join us as we party our way through the holidays.

So tell us, what are you thankful for this holiday season?

Patti and Paula

Monday, November 14, 2011

As Time Goes By

One thing we just don’t have enough of is time. I guess that’s why I’ve always gravitated toward clocks, watches, hourglasses, and all things related to time. My most favorite form of timepiece is the French mantle clock. I’ve a few I’d like to share, like this beauty. It has an enamel inset of angels, a pair of peacocks, and a hand painted satin glass finial. Yummy!

 This design originated in France around the 1600’s. It is ormolu or gold-gilt bronze as it is known here in the U.S.  The original process added high karat gold to the metal during the firing process.  Many of the workers didn’t live past forty from all the metal they inhaled from the process! By the next decade, they exacted a better process. Thank heavens!

 Many of the clocks we love were made by the New Haven factory that was formed in Conn. by Hiram Camp in 1853. 

 The company lasted over one hundred years, but finally closed its doors for good in 1960.

 Many of the company’s gorgeous designs still continue to warm our hearts today, like this little guy.

 Someone once inquired about my collection and asked me if they all work. In truth, I don’t know, nor do I care.

 I just love them for their beauty. It speaks of a time when form was prized over function, and people ‘did’ stop to smell the roses.

 I think each face with its delicate enameling and lovely gilt is a work of art.

 Even the tiny hands are each unique and intricately designed.

 This blown glass one with heavy gilt detail, called my name for a while until the shop owner took pity on my lusting, and a deal was made. Thanks, Ody!

Oh, this little jewel I just had to show you.  Not for the watch, but for the exquisite watch holder! It’s egg shaped with a beveled glass door. But, just look at the etched glass back. Isn’t it fabulous!  I bought it on eBay and didn’t even notice the etching until it arrived! I guess no one else did either; I got it for a song.

 This is my little ball clock I got from the same shop. She knows how I love clocks and put it aside for me. Her shop is amazing. If you’re ever in Miami, check her out at Ody’s Antiques. 

 Last, what home would be complete without an anniversary clock? I got this tiny one because of the sparkle of the four crystal cubes as they spin back and forth. (You know I can’t resist the bling!)

 Thanks for indulging me and giving me a moment of your “TIME” to share some of my treasures. Do you have a clock fetish, too? Tell me I'm not the only one. I’d love to hear about it.



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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hooray for Bollywood

Bollywood is the term given to the illustrious film industry of India. It is my understanding that this term was a derivation of Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hollywood. For me Bollywood is everything I dream India to be; Colorful, romantic, spiritual, beautiful, elegant, and rhythmic. 
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Miss World 1994 and Bollywood Great

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is my all time favorite Bollywood actress. She is not only absolutely gorgeous, but she is an amazing dancer and actress. 

My fascination for India started long before I knew anything about Bollywood. It started with these two marriage dolls and my love for Rudyard Kipling. I received these very special dolls when I was a little girl from a colleague of my mother's who brought them from India.

I never played with them like I would with my other dolls. I had dolls from all over the world, either from travels or as gifts. These dolls were different. I would stare at them as if they were a Bollywood movie. They will always have such special meaning in my heart. 

The ebony oxen is one of my favorite finds from an international antique dealer. Those three jeweled boxes were a Christmas gift from my dear friend Patti.

I love all teapots, but especially teapots from India. These two were a gift from my mother-in-law. 

In case you didn't notice, I love elephants. There are two kinds that are throughout my house. African and Indian elephants. So here is a quick lesson on how to tell them apart. An African elephant's ears looks like the shape of the continent of Africa. The ears of the Indian not look like the shape of Africa or India. Of all of the elephant lamps, this one is my favorite. It's quite small and adds a beautiful glow to the refrigerator scape. 

This vintage tea pot adds just the right flair on the bar of the kitchen under the cloche. I actually purchased this for my husband's collection, but he let's me use it (shhhh!!)

Another of my favorites out of India is incense. My sister-in-law has me absolutely hooked. I use them all the time. My favorite scent is chandan. From my love of incense grew my collection of brass incense burners of all shapes and sizes. 

I am in love with Indian art and textiles. When they are combined, as they are in this amazing tapestry of gold thread, it was a win win find. The antique dealer was going out of business, which is how I acquired this piece. (Talk about lucky day). The detail of the stitching on velvet is remarkable. 

I am a total Bollywood junkie. I can watch Bollywood movies for hours. Confession: Prior to meeting my husband, I could not stand these movies. Now I am hooked, but guess what? He never liked them. He is such a guy!!!

The second best thing to come out of India are the spices (I will tell you the best thing later). Not only are they colorful, but extremely aromatic. I have a science background so I find the chemistry of Indian cuisine just fascinating. My pantry and cabinets are filled to the rim with spices from around the world, but the majority of them come from India. I love cooking Indian food. If you missed my summer spread, please click here

Diversity is what keeps our home alive with color, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. I purchased this Indian Railway advertisement for my husband years ago. 

Okay so here is your test. Can you tell what type of elephant this is by it's ears?

What about this fella? He sits just outside of the entrance of the kitchen. Oh you guys are good. You guessed it...all of these elephants are from India. 

These are my favorite candle holders. 

India is known for it's amazing jewelry. The designs are quite intricate. The gold jewelry is 24kt and therefore is much deeper in color. 

If I wear gold, I only wear Indian gold. Actually, my favorite metals are white metals. When I received this silver anklet set, for my wedding, with bells attached I was over the moon. I put them on and dance around the house as if I were in a Bollywood movie. It's so much fun.

Tradition is so important in India. These bangles, called churias, are worn by the newlywed for several weeks. I was honored to wear them. When you wear them in public everyone (who is Indian that is) knows that you just got married. So I reveled in the double takes (not being Indian and all) and then the blessings from strangers. 

Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan are two of my favorite Bollywood male actors. Getting their autographs will be a must when I visit India. They are two of the best leading men on the planet

However, the best leading man is my husband Kal. This picture was way to much fun to make. 

He is truly the best that came out of India. Those marriage dolls brought me blessings many years later. By the way, the little guy in the picture with the jewelry is my hubby.

What country, outside of your own, has influenced you the most?

Much love,

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