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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mirrors, A Reflection of the Soul

Oh how we love a great party. We are joining Debra over at Common Ground for the Summer Block Blog Party

Mirrors have intrigued us since Narcissus first gazed into the river and caught a glimpse of his own reflection. We adorn our homes with them making sure every room affords us a stolen glance. Every manner of material and style are employed to produce them. They are strategically placed to bring in light and reflect beauty. No home is complete without one.

This hand-painted French half doll depicts a young mademoiselle checking her rosy cheeks as she perhaps awaits her amor. In the background is a vintage ormolu framed mirror, capturing it all. I’m simply mad for them, five so far and still hunting!

The antique stand mirror is one of my favs. I love the beautiful applied barbola flowers. The old mesh bag was a $5.00 find that I just couldn’t pass up. The clasp alone was worth that! I added some old cards, lace, gloves and a small ornate mirror. Can you see the cute cherub peeking out? Love him!

My favorite trick with mirrors is to place one on top of the other. Here in the half bath it adds some sense of style to an otherwise boring piece of builder grade glass.

This beautiful beveled edged stand mirror is hung outside the door. Feng Shui followers say it wards of evil spirits. I just think it’s pretty, and guests can give themselves the final once over before they enter! Since we’re outside let’s pop over to Paula’s and check out her mirrors.

When I was a little girl, this was the first mirror I fell in love with. It belonged to my maternal grandmother. This was her dresser as a child. I would spend hours looking into the mirror as if looking into the past, wondering what that little girl was thinking of when she looked in the mirror. 

Brass art deco mirrors are so wonderful. Just look at this diva forever gazing upon herself. 

Thanks to the French we have ormolu. In the 18th century it was all the rage in Paris and the UK. Now in the 21st century we clammer for it everywhere we go. It adds the perfect touch to this standing mirror.

This wonderful vintage cast iron mirror sits atop a jewelry armoire and reflects the morning sunlight. Just enough light to put on the day's baubles and bangles.

The pictures are stereographs which I like to display on a mini plate stand 
Tray mirrors on a dresser or dressing table add such a nice element to any room. Displaying all your favorites on it is an added bonus.

On the weekends we like to run to the market and get fresh flowers for the house. The reflections of the reddish-pink carnations look especially nice on top of the silver mirrored tray.

Vintage mirror from India
Imported antiques and vintage pieces are also fun to collect. Just the shear nature of the history behind these wonderful finds leads to fabulous conversations when friends and family stop by.

Antique mirror from Indonesia
Frequenting local import antique stores can yield some amazing deals. This amazing mirror bids you adieu when you are off for the day's travels and welcomes you home at the end of the day. 

We hope you enjoyed reflecting with us on the use of mirrors within the home. Consider the many images and events vintage mirrors have witnessed. If only they could reveal their vivid past. Mirrors truly are… “a reflection of the soul”.

We also joining the following this fabulous Friday:

Come and join us in the fun.

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lvroftiques said...

Mirror-o-holic here!! *waves arms in the air* Oohhh you two I love all the same things you do! I also collect the ornate victorian frames and mirrored dresser trays....and half dolls....and.. AND stereographs too!! I just LOVED seeing all of your lovlies!! More more!! *winks* Vanna


OMG I'm speechless.....look at all that yummy goodness!!! I REALLY need to do that mirror outside my door - BEAUTIFUL. Hugs, T

Linda Q said...

Oh I am not alone in my mirror addiction, thank God!LOL Beautiful , you have some great finds. I know I can hardly pass up a pretty mirror or frame.
Nice blog, your son is darling , love his name!

Blue Creek Home said...

This was an amazing post! I love mirrors too and love to buy them for my antique booth. Of course, I have to keep some of them. I learned a lot from this mirror lesson 101!!!
You have some beautiful mirrors and I am delighted that you joined in Treasure Hunt Thursday.

Lori said...

Great blog, you should join Debbiedo's newbie party. Here link is on my blog roll. Lori

The Charm of Home said...

Your mirrors are wonderful! I love the elephant mirror, it is so unique! Very nice! Thanks for linking it up at Home Sweet Home!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Hello ladies! Thank you for commenting on our blog. It's a way for me to find out who you are and where you are. I always try to find out who is commenting on my blog.

I enjoyed your posting about mirrors. Check out ours. We are in Europe presently on a buying trip.



Anonymous said...

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