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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Twas the Month Before Christmas

What's It Wednesday # 101

Twas the month before Christmas, and all through my home
All the silver has been polished, even the chrome.
The crystal has been placed on the table with care
Candles are displayed in groups and in pairs.

My parents wedding china, silver and white
Make the table look festive, inviting, and bright.
This strong lady of elegance,  decked out in red
At the head of the table, next to the bread.

This silver fella, looking like a line-backer
Stands sentinel, guarding, he's by favorite nut-cracker
Each day I pull out more Santas, more wreaths , more stuff
My husband looks on in dismay, he hollers "Enough!"

But I exclaim to him "Dear, we must deck the halls"
Black Friday is coming, we will hit all the malls."
I then hear him sigh, then shake his head
Then I remember "Pinterest before bed"

As I continue to tweak, plan and fluff
Not putting out everything? Wow, that is tough!
But that's okay, we all love to do what we do
I get to see what you do, All season through.

Happy decking the halls everyone!

Roll call: Who else is out there decorating early this year?


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Anonymous said...

Clement C. Moore would be so proud of you! That was fantastic! For the first time in my life, I am decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving...I have to say I am kind of digging it. Of course I listen to Christmas music all year round so I didn't have to be pushed very hard to begin the decorating.

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
Thanks so much for hosting your linky party for us. I love all your Beautiful photos you have on today thank you. Hoping you have a wonderful week with your family.

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady.
Thanks so much for hosting your linky party for us. I love all your Beautiful photos you have on today thank you. Hoping you have a wonderful week with your family.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for hosting each week!!


Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Thanks for the party! Love your cobalt blue glasses!

Curtains in My Tree said...

You are all decked out and you still have time to get more out
if we don't get it out early we don't have time to enjoy it much
Thanks for my happy Birthday greetings and visiting my blog

SImple and Serene Living said...

I am so jealous that you already have so much done, Patti. I haven't started yet. xo Laura

Susie said...

Everything looks so pretty and ready. I love the blue things. xoxo,Susie

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Cute poem, you are so clever. I haven't done any Christmas decorating yet, I'm so far behind. Thanks for hosting:-)

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Paula. Whatever do all of these husbands know anyway? It all looks so pretty and the more the merrier. Your's is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and thanks for hosting and I enjoyed the words also..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Paula, nice 'change up' on the Night Before Christmas. Thanks for hosting.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love it all! AND your poem-so very cute! I haven't done anything early this year because we are hosting Thanksgiving. However, come Thanksgiving night it ALL starts coming out- xo Diana

Jill Harrison said...

Looks like you are all set for Christmas. I can't bare to think about it yet! Your cruet set is almost exactly the same as the one I have that belonged to my grandmother - except mine only has 4 containers. I treasure it.
Have a wonderful week and thanks for hosting.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Lovely post and I love the words.
I have started on Tuesday - the tree is up and 9 plastic tubs are setting in the living room waiting to be unpacked. But it seems that I have been so busy with other stuff that I just can't get to it. But my goal is to hopefully have it done by Monday so I can get my shopping done as I have to ship.
You have so many lovely items would love to come and look at all of them.
Have a wonderful weekend.

June said...

It's looking so lovely at your house Paula! I'm so far behind I think I'm first :)))


Sweet Paula, you been busy sweet friend! Your parents wedding china is beautiful and that Slim beautiful lady...just love them! The blue glasses are awesome too.
Thank you so much for hosting for us again this week. Hugs,

Laura said...

Love this post! Your recreation of "The Night Before Christmas" is delightful:)

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

This made me laugh in delight! You are always such fun - and you always display things I love!

Thanks so much!

Susan said...

Enjoyed your post
No doubt, you are a wonderful host.
Also around here, Christmas spirit hit early this year.
Even before Thanksgiving's thrill,a Santa and a snowman showed up on the kitchen window sill!
And with lots of pre-Thanksgiving glee,
We'll put up the Christmas tree.
With all the cheerful decor in sight,
May your entire holiday season be very, very bright! Susan

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Cute, cute poem! Holding off here at my house until after Thanksgiving. Getting awfully excited though. Thanks for hosting!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

Hi Sweet Lady, You're certainly ahead of me in the decorating game! I'm jealous!

Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Crafts a la Mode said...

Me!! I am out here decorating early. :) Your friend, Linda

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Thanks so much for hosting every week!


Shannon said...

What a cute little rhyme
Right here at Christmas time.
Y'all are so sweet to host each week
It's a party that's always a treat.

Shannon ~

Fete et Fleur said...

Yes! I have started early this year with our Christmas decorations. Love your tablesacpe.


Fete et Fleur said...

Yes! I have started early this year with our Christmas decorations. Love your tablesacpe.


Tea Cottage Pretties said...

Paula, I adore your Christmas Decorating Poem!!! I am decorating as well. It is going slow but it is starting to look a little bit like Christmas in our home. My next blog post should include some of my decorating. I am doing a white tree with pink and a REAL green tree with white and blue (lots of frosty snowmen). Thank you for hosting. Hugs, Beverly

Home Chic Club said...

Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi Paula & Patti,
I am sure, you Ladies will have a gorgeous Christmas time. The startup of the decorations look so great. And with all the sweet collection there is a lot of bling and glitter and shine in the house. I wish you a fabulous time. Thanks for hosting and thanks for sharing this wonderful post.
Best greetins, Johanna

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Happy decking the halls to you as well! Your photos are always gorgeous! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Thanks for hosting a great party! Love your parents wedding china...I think it's wonderful your family still has it!

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

Too fun!! My husband says "enough" too...never :) I'm in decorating mode here too!!

Tea in the Library said...

That silver nutcracker is a beauty! Although I'm not decorating early it's fun to see what everyone is doing. Thanks for hosting another great party.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Your table is lovely as usual. I think the white and gold dishes are really elegant.

Faye said...

Too cute! (Your poem) I think what you've done (so far!) is pretty. I'm in the mood to start early this year too. Thanks for hosting!

Lulu said...

You are way too clever with your poem!! These days I don't do nearly as much for Christmas because we are away part of the holiday season and the daughters have taken over the festivities so need has changed.

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

Thanks for hosting the party.
I love all your decorations. I have not started yet.

JP said...

I love, love, love your poetic really made me smile!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

What a great poem to accompany all your beautiful treasures! I am thinking of all the treasures I'll be pulling out of closets, cracks and corners next weekend and getting pretty excited. We're creating with what we've got this year, trying to hold true to not buying more Christmas! Let's hope we stay strong!!

Happy holidays girls! Edie Marie

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I always decorate early because Thanksgiving is in October here. Love the nutcracker! I enjoyed the poetry too. Thanks for hosting.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have so many lovely things to enjoy for the holidays. I'm SO ready to start decorating...just a little at a time right now. Enjoy your afternoon and thanks for the fun party!

Unknown said...

Christmas is so near now and your home is looking great.Decorations certainly lift one's spirit. I will definitely be doing some decorating. Thanks for hosting.

Amanda said...

Wonderful post! Thank you! You always put such careful thought into your words! I enjoyed the poem today! And thank you so much for the feature!
Many Blessings,

Alessandra said...

Evrything looks so pretty and beautiful in your home.I'm decorating for Christmas too...

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Thanks so much for placing me among all of those fabulous features….Have a wonderful weekend!

Pura Vida said...

haha...twas the month before Christmas indeed! cute!

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Too cute!

Maria said...

Thanks for hosting this, its been so much fun reading all the posts, I like the photos of Grandmother china, I love using my mothers silver and jazzing the table up with it!

Thanks Maria

Cottage and Broome said...

Your silver is beautiful! I am holding for on my holiday decorating until after turkey day, then I'm all in. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Laura


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